Elephant Poached Again!!

Elephants 125.jpg

Elephant Bull found yesterday morning in Siana Group Ranch

Elephants 133.jpg

His face was chopped off below the eye.

We hope that with our game patrols and putting spotlight on these incidents it will deter these poachers.Our patrols are out day and night and our Scouts are working very hard.(We need fuel and some support for our scouts).

This Elephant was found a very long way from our base camp and was reported to our scouts by a herdsman Sunday night.We went very early yesterday morning to verify this report .

We are working together with the KWS who are also alarmed over this poaching .

We need your help in our wildlife protection work. Conservation work like ours costs.

We are sorry so many of our stories are sad about these poor Elephants being killed for their IVORY but it is a reality and we must report it.

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Osikito the Lion

Big Cats Two 1403.jpg

Osikito last night in camp. This behaviour is known as flehmen .

Big Cats Two 1397.jpg

Big Cats Two 1399.jpg

Osikito testing scent in his territory

Osikito was found last night . He was making a lot of noise and scent marking the area. His brother Orok was not far away along with the other lionesses and the young male cub.We found Osikito in the classic display of flehmen which is this grimacing behaviour of urine testing to see if a female is coming into season.

There are many wildebeest in the area and many zebra as the migration seems to be in swing.The grass is green and we have had some rain. There is plenty of water around as well.

Predator Aware needs your help in our Lion, Leopard and Cheetah protection and in our outreach to the Maasai community.

Our Wildlife Scouts are so valuable in protecting our special species and in community understanding.

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The Simba Scouts had a report yesterday of two Elephants that have been poached again in Siana. Much of the important work we do is putting pressure on poachers and trying to have them arrested and put in to prison. Unfortunately this does not always happen.

It is hard to imagine but the poacher we caught after what was an intense period of Elephant poaching in this Siana Mara community has been fined and released!! We here are all absolutely appalled. This man is an habitual Elephant Killer.To our knowledge he has been jailed at least twice both here and in Tanzania for Elephant poaching. We know he and his gang have accounted for many dead Elephant and we suspect him once again in this ongoing poaching. We know that the Siana community have to be committed to saying a big NO to poaching if they want to save Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Cheetah and all wildlife. Siana is a very large and very beautiful undeveloped Mara habitat.

This community and all its members must support our Scouts and KWS in stopping this slaughter.KWS respond and work with us in all these difficult wildlife incidents.They are committed in resolving this poaching.

Elephant 577.jpg

The Predator Aware Scouts and Will examining the Elephant Cow for the cause of death

Elephant 581.jpg

One of the poison spear wounds on the back near her tail. We think she was pregnant.

We urgently need support to sustain and increase our Anti Poaching and predator protection patrols.

Dana we are sorry that you were so upset over this tragedy. We feel the same each and every time an animal is poached.Not only do they suffer and lose their life but with it all dignity.


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Just to remind you, so much of our work is focused on how to protect our Lion, Leopard and Cheetah populations. We have not lost our focus in any way but have been so involved in trying to stop this appalling spate of Elephant poaching.

Unlike other projects and wildlife conservation managers in the Masai Mara, Predator Aware is completely dependant on donor generosity.

Elephant 312.jpg

The same poacher caught 20 months ago

Scouts 304.jpg

Caught again June 9, 2011 and released with a fine this week

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Cheetah Female Seen Again

Scouts 329.jpg

Female Cheetah seen again on early morning patrol .

The predator Aware Scouts are seeing this female Cheetah quite often on their morning patrols this week. Today she was lying under a tree observing us. Cheetah are one of the most beautiful Big Cats of the Mara. They also need protecting in Maasai community land.Their decline is very worrying and the Scouts take a special interest in finding them and recording their activity.

Scouts 321.jpg

Our Predator Aware Scouts are patrolling in an area that has had a lot of activity and it has permanent water. This is where much of the game and the cattle are at present.This area needs patrolling as it is very close to the recent Elephants that were poached.

Elephant 527.jpg

Scouts going over GPS at the base camp. The area is dry as you can see.

All of the Scout daily activities are recorded on GPS .

Predator Aware needs your support. Please help Save Lion, Leopard,Cheetah, Elephant and all Wildlife. Thank you . Your donations go directly to our field work and to supporting our Scouts here on the ground.Fuel is very expensive and our patrols need to continue.

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This report is written by Elizabeth and Konene at the Predator Aware base in Mara.We get updated radio reports from the scouts on patrol regularly .

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Elephant Poacher Caught

This morning the Predator Aware Scouts on their patrol went back into the area where the poached Elephants were found on Saturday and Tuesday.They were on foot and hidden and searched the area which was in thick woodland near water. They found the poacher inside his hide out with all of his arrows, poison, spears, etc. They caught him and held him until Narok County Council and the Kenya Wildlife Service came.He is working with others that we are still trying to find. He is now in custody. This is the same poacher caught in Nov. 2009 (see Elephant Poacher Caught In Masai Mara)

Scouts 249.jpg

The Poacher sitting in his hide out
Scouts 299.jpg

The poacher and all of his poaching tools

over 25 arrows and enough poison to kill many Elephants

Scouts 309.jpg

Poison in the black plastic bags and crude tools to make more arrows an axe and knives, spare arrow heads,a bow and metal sticks. The poison is extremely dangerous.

Scouts 242.jpg

a special sheath for the arrows and knife

The only way that this poacher could be found is by the foot patrols that our very dedicated Predator Aware Scouts take every day.The area where he was found a vehicle could not get in to easily and there are no roads there.

Our Predator Aware Scouts need support to keep our patrols going and to increase them so that we can continue protecting this wonderful wildlife.


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Elephant Poaching Blitz

The third Elephant Bull dies within 4 days!

Our Elephants are being targeted by poachers for their IVORY. This much is clear to see and it is extremely distressing to deal with on the ground.

What is not so easy to see is that Lions and Leopards are similarly being killed by factions within Maasai and other communities. Elephants are huge and hard to hide. Lion and Leopard are much smaller and the skin, teeth, claws, paws and body fat are most prized in the wrong hands.

Sadly there is a massive demand for such wild animal parts that is driven by burgeoning human populations, money and ignorance.

Our Predator Aware Scouts are doing a superb job in protecting these special species to the best of their ability. We are trying to find a way to increase our wildlife protection patrols and create more awareness.

Elephant 511.jpg

Third Elephant to die within 4 days found yesterday in heavy bush.

Elephant 520.jpg

Predator Aware team working with KWS rangers who responded immediately. Narok County Council were also there and very alarmed.

Predator Aware needs your help to continue our valuable wildlife protection patrols.We are overwhelmed by this massive increase in poaching.

How to Donate to:

Wildland Conservation Trust

Swift address


Bank: Barclaysbank Kenta Ltd.

Bank Code:-03

Branch: Karen Branch Code- 065

Bank Account No. 65-1027047

We at Predator Aware thank you for all your interest and concern Sauwah. It makes a difference.

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Elephant Poachers Are Back in Mara Siana!

What a tragedy a majestic Bull Elephant was poached yesterday. He was poisoned with a spear and arrow by poachers.He was trying to reach some heavy bush but died in the open about 100 metres from the thick bush.The poachers were chasing him on piki pikis (motorcycles) but he could go no further before collapsing. The poachers had to abandon the scene as it was daylight and they were in the open. They were not able to take the tusks and got away.A herdsman reported this activity and our Simba Scouts went to the incident along with Narok county Council Rangers and the Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers. It was terribly upsetting to all and believe it or not this was the second Elephant killed in 24 hours in this area.This just highlights that the Mara region is being targeted by poachers.This is a vast area and difficult to protect.

Elephant 399.jpg

Each Elephant that dies is an absolutely tragedy to us.

Elephant 407.jpg

Predator Aware Scouts with Narok County Council Rangers and KWS Rangers

Elephant 410.jpg

Predator Aware wants to increase our patrols and we need your help and so does the wildlife.

Check out facebook Predator Aware Masai Mara and become a fan.

Spread the word and create AWARENESS.


Thank you Sauwah for your friendship and support. Your message to others in supporting us is really appreciated.

Thank you Paddy and Caroline for your continued support. It makes such a difference.

If you send a donation please let us know as we would like to thank you. It really helps so much.

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If You Love Lions – Help!

Big Cats Two 225.jpg

Asali at dawn

If you love Lions and want to help Lions in the Wild survive please help us raise these funds! Predator Aware needs to raise $4000 for our operational costs for June. This is an appeal to our supporters and their friends. We must continue with our Simba Lion Protection Scouts as their families depend on their incomes and our wildlife depend on their security and anti poaching patrols.They do a fantastic job and this community depends on them. Please if you can make a donation to Predator Aware that would help us continue our work.

As you know Wildlife Direct no longer takes donations on behalf of other projects so please donate directly to Wildland Conservation Trust which Predator Aware works under.Thank you

How to Donate to:

Wildland Conservation Trust

Swift address


Bank: Barclaysbank Kenta Ltd.

Bank Code:-03

Branch: Karen Branch Code- 065

Bank Account No. 65-1027047

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Big male LIONS of Mara Siana

Big Cats Two 1483.jpg


Big Cats Two 1442.jpg

Orok(Brother of Osikito)

These are some of the big male Lions that Predator Aware knows in Siana Maasai Mara. Osikito and Orok are seen frequently in the same territory as Raruka. EnGolon who was with Raruka is now separate and we have not seen him lately.

Big Cats 1501.jpg


Raruka is the father of the young male in the Ol Moti pride,

Big Cats 1616.jpg

EnGolon (Brother of Raruka)


Botoro, who was the One Big Cat of the Base Camp Pride (he is Sau and Wah’s father).

We have not seen him for some time and Sau and Wah are now in the Ol Moti pride. He was probably pushed out of this territory. The Simba Scouts are trying to monitor the whereabouts of the different Lions every day and help herdsmen know of the area they are in when possible to reduce human/ livestock/ wildlife conflict. This will help protect these Lions. Two of the females that were with Botoro are now with Raruka.

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Lions Need Help To Survive In The Wild

Please Support Predator Aware

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Leopard Last Night

Chui our female Leopard we see regularly was seen last night on our Lion and Leopard protection patrol. She was looking well and on the move but paused for photos . Her cub was not seen but we are sure he is around. The cub is about a year old now.

Big Cats Two 1555.jpg

Chui getting ready to climb a tree

Big Cats Two 1567.jpg

The prey species in our area for Leopard is very healthy and this is one of the reasons we see Leopard regularly and often. Habitat protection is so important to the Big Cats survival and we are always creating awareness in the community in the value of their natural resources. Lion, Leopard and Cheetah need our continued help.Please help us continue.We are field based, non profit and every donation reaches our project directly.

Check out Predator Aware Masai Mara facebook fan page and become a fan!


Thank you Sauwah for your comments and continued interest.

We are hoping to see Sau and Wah and the Ol Moti pride soon. The Lion prides do seem to share the territories and overlap at certain times of the year.

Help Save Lions


WildlandConservation Trust

Swift address


Bank: Barclaysbank-Kenta Ltd.

Bank Code:-03

Branch: Karen Branch Code-065

Bank Account no. 65-1027047

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