Big Cat Awareness

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This male cheetah was hunting a Topi when we first spotted him. The activity for night hunting seems to be a regular occurrence with cheetah in these areas outside the Reserve.This cheetah has adapted to changes in the areas where he hunts as in the day the Maasai are often herding their livestock and they may try and drive away the cheetah when he is hunting.Many Maasai confuse cheetah with leopard and therefore sometimes cheetah are killed in the daytime as some of the young Maasai believe they are responsible for night time attacks on sheep and goats in bomas.In fact these night time attacks would never be cheetah more than likely always leopard or lion.What we are seeing at night because we are out almost every night on patrol is remarkable night time predator and other wildlife activity.It is through our night patrol work that we know we will eventually achieve identification of all our predators at a much faster rate than if we were only operating in the day time.

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Cheetah at night sitting and watching animal activity.

Cheetah and leopard have completely different methods of attacking animals. Leopard invariably stalk or ambush their prey and this includes a totally silent approach to bomas at night.They are very patient and might wait hours for the opportunity to attack. Cheetahs hunt by direct sighting and approaching an animal or herd and won’t begin their attack until they are confident of success however they have a low success rate on attempted kills.

We want to emphasise again that this is our Maasai community land and these animals live relatively undisturbed and are never surrounded by multiple vehicles.

night patrols 064.jpg

This leopard sitting in the night waiting for opportunities to happen.

We are having a struggle paying for our patrols at the moment and are hoping for support in this important conservation project. Our scouts try to go on patrol everyday in vehicles at night and in vehicles in the day as well as foot patrols.These patrols are important to our communities as they are a way of keeping in touch with all different community members, warriors, school children, elders and families . It is important that they see us continue and build our project and that they see our constant activity in this process.We are also there to listen to any problems the community might be having with wildlife encounters and help to find workable solutions.If we could find support for more fuel we could spend more time out at night and reach further in our community visits.

Can you think of any ways of supporting and sustaining our project work?

To Sauwah We would also like you to come to our future safari camp owned and run by Maasai people that we know need to be well trained and professional and in fact offer a unique and better experience possibly than any competition might offer!We hope this is something we can achieve.

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  1. sauwah
    Posted December 5, 2008 at 6:10 pm | Permalink

    i believe you! and again , love to be one of your very first guest of the camp or lodge owned and run by your fellow maasai men/women.

    i have noticed that the lion guardian blog and the mara blog have many responses. i wonder why. and do also wish you have the much needed financial aid from private donors, charity organizations and governments. have you checked out the group called living with lions? they have a web site. it has reseachers on lions and do get support from many sources. check them out. what about african wildlife foundation? it has the predators conservation programs.

  2. sauwah
    Posted December 5, 2008 at 6:22 pm | Permalink

    i wonder it’s the name of your blog that has not attracted enough response. your writing has been great and informative. and i can see your passion in what you are doing. i wish you much success. instead of calling predator aware. another name might be more attractive. since you are doing lions … why not use lions or lions and leopards as the name of your blog.

    besides elephants, lions draw most attention from the public who are into wildlife in africa. you are doing the very same thing as the lion guardians are doing. so i think of you as lion guardians too. would the lion guardians mind much if you address yourselves as lion guardians also?

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