Beautiful Mara Siana Conservancy

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Siana Zebra mixed with Wildebeest

Mara Siana Conservancy is filled with Wildebeest and Zebra. There are many resident wildebeest but part of the Loita Wildebeest migration comes through Siana at this time of year.

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Mara Siana Conservancy has a lot of woodland and very thick bush. We also still have a lot of grazing and after two days of heavy rain regrowth of grass is coming through so there is plenty to eat. Habitat protection is very important as the wildlife is so abundant and the future in tourism and conservation for the Maasai people in our area depends on this beautiful habitat and wildlife.

It is particularly beautiful at this very moment and these are pictures of the area.we are based in.

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Scouts 053.jpg

Lots of water around.

The Lions are around and we hear them most nights and the Predator Aware Lion Protection Scouts are on patrol every day and find tracks but we have not actually seen them these last two days. The mud is quite thick and certain areas are difficult to get into .Lion, Cheetah and Leopard protection is our main objective and protection of habitat and all wildlife as well as Maasai livestock is important in this endeavour.

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